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Brain Achievers Solutions is a legally registered private organisation for providing teacher training and education as one of its mainstream training programmes purposely to close up the skillset gap towards achieving socioeconomic development in the society.

This we believe will empower the youth(training into employment) through professional training. The teacher training courses we seek to offer will is being run under established centres. The centres are selected schools that meet the standard conditions for excellent teaching experience to take place.

OUR PASSION: BAS operates as a social enterprise dedicated to empowering the youth through education and training for socio-economic development. The following is the target group we have outlined excluding interested individuals(outside this target) who would like to enroll on our courses.

  • The underprivileged youth
  • Skilled unemployed youth
  • Unskilled youth of working age

Our mission:

To be an efficient and transformational teacher training school, providing skills and acquisition of knowledge to close up the skillset gap in Ghana.

Vision: Producing highly knowledgeable and skillful human resource who will contribute productively for socioeconomic development in the society and Ghana at large.