Structure of the Institute

WHO QUALIFY FOR ENROcropped-grants-for-teachers.jpgLLMENT

The entry points for the courses are as follows

  1. SHS graduates with at least a grade of 20. There should be passes in all subjects as a requirement.
  2. Matured students should be teachers who have taught with a minimum of 2years and maximum of five(5) years(and above) teaching experience.



The certificate in early childhood course will run for a duration of one year. Thus intensive six months and four months practical work in the school(attachment).

  1. Six(6) months duration dedicated to attending lectures which is aimed at acquisition of knowledge and competencies. In addition professional skills development in teaching along with demonstrations will be impacted.
  2. Four(4) months duration is dedicated to practical experience in teaching. Thus students will do attachment with good schools as teaching practice to equip them with the needed practical skills for the classroom work.
  • Lectures / classes will take place on weekends specifically SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS between 4pm to 6pm on each day. An average of two hours is dedicated to a topic under the course each week throughout the course duration.

The Course topics under the Early Childhood Education certification programme entails the following

  1. Child development
  2. Psychological basis for the functioning of a childs brain
  3. Creating positive social and emotional atmosphere in ECE settings
  4. Teaching methods in early childhood education
  5. Language and literacy in early childhood education
  6. Mathematics in early childhood education
  7. Safety and first aid in early childhood education
  8. Learning activities in early childhood education
  9. Monitoring and Observation techniques for assessment(ECE)
  10. Creating teaching & learning materials in early childhood education
  11. Preparing lesson notes in early childhood education
  12. Behavior Management in early childhood education



Name of Tutor                                                     Qualification & Working experience

  1. E. Annorson – M.ed( Guidance and Counselling)U.C.C

Tema Technical School                                       25 years experience in Teaching


  1. Precious Akplome ed(Administration in higher Education),UCC,

Morgans Int. Community School                        11years experience in Teaching


  1. Ernest Takyi Mensah Degree in Early Childhood education,UEW

Saint Paul Methodist School            10 years experience in Teaching                  


  1. Francis Brown Taylor – Saint Paul Methodist School       (B.A in Theology/Psychology) , Diploma in Psychology & Education, UCC)

Certificate in Early Childhood Education (Gowrie Victoria , Australia & Care             Courses,USA) 15 years experience in Teaching


Examination will be conducted in the form of quizzes(multiple choice) and essay type questions.

  1. A quiz containing twenty(20) multiple choice questions will be conducted to assess students of what has been studied after (i) the first two months (ii) the fourth month

A total of 40 marks in all towards the final exams assessment


  1. End of course/final examination shall be conducted after successful six(6) months duration . It shall comprise of twenty(20) multiple choice questions and four essays out of six essay type question to be answered. This is a total of 60 marks. The addition of the previous 40 marks plus the 60 marks will conclusively earn each student 100% for grading.



The course is being run at a time in any of these centres upon the enrolment of students


We currently have secured three centres in both Tema and Ashaiman ,they are as follows

  1. Mexico JHS School, Community two ,Tema
  2. Wisdom International School – Dawhenya ( few metres away from Eno spot by the roadside)
  3. Saint Emmanuel School – Ashaiman newtown(few metres from newtown junction)



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